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LanScape VOIP Media Proxy™ Server
Release 2.72
(RTP Media Proxy for Voice, Video and data collaboration)

Important - Please Read: Obtaining Pre-Sales Technical Support: If you have pre-sales related VOIP questions regarding any LanScape product, we ask that you post your questions to our customer support forum. You should post all pre-sales related questions to the appropriate pre-sales product area. Doing so will ensure the fastest possible response from the LanScape Technical Support staff.

For more information regarding pre-sales technical support, please see the top of our web site home page.


The LanScape VOIP Media Proxy™ Server is designed to be deployed with the LanScape Centrex Proxy™ Server (SIP proxy). Using the VOIP Media Proxy™ allows you to add full RTP media proxying capabilities to your voice and video VOIP network infrastructure.

The primary reason to deploy the VOIP Media Proxy™ server is to overcome the media related issues VOIP networks face when Network Address Translation (NAT) is present in the networking environment. Using the VOIP Media Proxy™ solution greatly simplifies the VOIP telephony deployment while at the same time ensuring that all call related media (voice traffic) is handled properly and can traverse NAT network elements.

An extremely useful feature of the VOIP Media Proxy™ is that it can communicate with one or more LanScape Centrex Proxy™ Servers regardless of VOIP domain. All SIP proxies will load share all available media proxies dynamically. What this means is that a media "server farm" can be established and one or more VOIP domains can use the available media proxying capabilities without regard for any of the other domains. It also means that media proxying capability is completely scalable.

For complete details associated with using the Lanscape VOIP Media Proxy™ Server in conjunction with the LanScape Centrex Proxy™ Server, please refer to the LanScape Centrex Proxy™ Server product page.

Now, here is a very important point: With this solution, you no longer need to deploy expensive 3rd party session border controllers or session boundary controllers. All this capability is available to you in your familiar Microsoft Windows environment as a completely software based solution. Get ready to say goodbye to that antiquated dedicated VOIP hardware.


Designed for the Microsoft Windows® family of operating systems - Versions 2000/XP/2003/Vista

This product includes a fully functional LanScape Service Manager™ Suite install package and license.

Available in three product configurations: Personal, Professional and Enterprise.

Can handle any RTP media type. Perfectly suited for voice and video.

Real time event logging to a log file and to the GUI.

Full control over media session time outs, media session evaluation interval, orphaned media sessions and SIP proxy command time outs.

Full control over the network configuration (IP address and Media ports used).

Configurable to communicate with one or more SIP proxies (LanScape Centrex Proxy™ Severs)

Full call and media event logging. Logging to the GUI and to a log file supported.

Can handle thousands of active media sessions per host machine. Actual maximum number of active media streams is only limited by license restrictions and underlying host hardware.

Full challenge handshake authentication using the MD5 algorithm. All communications between the LanScape VOIP Media™ Proxy and LanScape Centrex Proxy™ Severs are authenticated. Helpful to ensure no malicious hacker attacks.

Specifically designed to overcome the well known "media deadlock" problem other media proxy solutions face. With the LanScape VOIP Media™ Proxy, your call media will flow uninterrupted within your domain and when traversing the domain boundary.

A simple intuitive easy to use interface.

Personal, Professional or Enterprise?

The LanScape VOIP Media Proxy™ Server is available in three product grades: Personal, Professional and Enterprise. The differences being the following:

Product Grade Attributes

  Targeted at home office and lightweight users.

  License to run on a host machine using the NIC's MAC address.

  Supports a single LanScape Centrex Proxy™ Server.

  Total concurrent media sessions supported: 20


  Targeted at medium scaled deployments.

  License to run on a host machine using the NIC's MAC address.

  Supports up to 10 LanScape Centrex Proxy™ Servers.

  Total concurrent media sessions supported: 150


  Targeted at the enterprise.

  License to run on a host machine using the NIC's MAC address.

  Supports an unlimited number of LanScape Centrex Proxy™ Servers.

  Total concurrent media sessions supported: Unlimited

Product Support

Free Support:
LanScape offers free support for this product for 30 Days after the purchase of a product license.

Free product and development support is conducted using the LanScape support forum.

If officially scheduled product upgrades are available within the free support period, you will receive free product upgrades.

If you report product bugs during this free support period, LanScape will resolve the issue at our discretion depending on the severity of the problem and MAY reissue you a new product image.

If free support is not sufficient, then customers can enter directly into a paid "Enhanced Customer Support" agreement with LanScape.

At LanScape's sole discretion, the free support period may be extended for certain customers.

Paid Support:
If customers need additional support after the free support term expires or if a higher level of support is immediately required, customers may enter into a support agreement with us so that we may assist you further.

For complete details associated with obtaining additional paid (enhanced) support, please contact LanScape support via email to request the current "Enhanced Customer Support" agreement.

The support agreement outlines our current support capabilities and framework. Final paid support terms can and will be tailored to your exact requirements and needs.

Download Trial Evaluation

If you would like to evaluate the LanScape VOIP Media Proxy™ Server prior to making a purchase, you can request a trial product license. For complete details, please see our "Test Drive" page. You can request a trial for one of the three supported versions: Personal, Professional or Enterprise. The trial products come complete with all user documentation and information you will need to make an informed decision.

Version History

Understanding what has been added, fixed or improved upon will help you get the most out of the LanScape VOIP Media Proxy™ Server . For complete version history details, please read the following Version History Documentation.

View On-Line Documentation

In order to make your purchasing decision easier, the complete VOIP Media Proxy™ Server product help file is available via the web. Performing a quick review of the product's help documentation will give you a great overview of the power of this product.

Upgrading to Version 2.72

LanScape provides upgrade pricing for our VOIP software products. Upgrade pricing is offered for minor revision (interim) releases that primarily address bug fixes and corrections to the product.

To view upgrade pricing, please visit our online web store. Please look for the "LanScape VOIP Media Proxy™ Upgrades" category.


Please go to our online store. From LanScape's online store, you can purchase the Lanscape VOIP Media Proxy™ Server that will meet all of your VOIP network requirements.



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