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Did You Know?

All LanScape VOIP products including the LanScape VOIP Media Engine™ have been designed from the "ground up" to support all versions of Microsoft Windows® 2000/XP up to and including the latest versions of Windows 8.

Microsoft Windows 7

PSTN Gateway:

Developing your own PSTN gateway solution may be easier and less expensive than you think. If you understand the concepts of streaming media data to and from telephony hardware in addition to understanding the full capabilities of the LanScape VOIP Media Engine™, you are well on your way to a solution.

LanScape's telephony API allows full access to any local or remote telephony data stream - real time. Combine our media streaming capabilities with Telecom Products from Dialogic and you have the makings for a cost effective PSTN gateway solution.

Dialogic telephony hardware and LanScape Voice over IP software development tools give you a huge advantage.

VOIP Interoperability:
LanScape's Voice over IP products have been extensively tested to ensure the widest possible interoperability performance. When you deploy your Voice over IP solution that utilizes LanScape telephony technology, you will have instant connectivity to other VOIP equipment vendors such as Cisco, Xten/CounterPath, Polycom, GrandStream, Snom, Avaya, Swissvoice, and many others. We have also tested interoperability with other open source VOIP offerings such as Asterisk PBX and IPTEL's SIP Express Router.

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LanScape VOIP

VOIP Product Page Entrance

LanScape VOIP SDK:

Speed your SIP and RTP Windows application development using our VOIP Media Engine VOIP SDK! Our VOIP SDK supports SIP and RTP protocols using native C/C++ or any .NET language. It's not just a VOIP SDK - it's a complete drop-in VOIP telephony solution. Awsome!

See the sidebar immediately to the right for our current promotion...

SIP and RTP proxy servers now available:

Deploy the LanScape Centrex Proxy Server (a full featured SIP Proxy) in conjunction with one or more LanScape VOIP Media Proxy servers (RTP Media Proxy), and you have a full featured, fully scalable VOIP domain solution that will traverse any NAT network environment. Our low cost solution supports both voice and video.

For additional information, see the main LanScape product page or the VOIP server software Press Release.

Pre-Sales VOIP support:

We receive many technical pre-sales related questions regarding our VOIP SDK and our other SIP based products. Most questions have a common theme.

Obtain pre-sales support by creating your own "user account" in our customer support forum. There you can post your VOIP questions. For more info, see "How to create a support forum user account".

Where do you go from here?

To find out more about LanScape and our products, view our Product pages and get an overview of our current offerings.

You can also call us using the browser based telephony capabilities of this web site. Read the information on the page entitled "Using the Telephony features of this web site".

Speed is your friend when we're talking about network telephony and Voice over IP applications.


Awesome VOIP SDK Deal: "one-time" VOIP SDK Licensing for $3200.

VOIP SDK - Great Deal!
We are offering the VOIP Media Engine SDK to all customers at only $3200 per license. This includes unlimited line/port densities and basic software support for two weeks.

This "one-time" license allows you to deploy our VOIP SDK company wide for use in all your VOIP products. Offer is available to all customers and may be terminated at any time. Contact us for complete details.
"LanScape's VOIP Media Engine™ Release 6 is hotter than ever! It incorporates cool new features and is extremely easy to use!
Press Release...
VOIP SDK - Simple Overview...
VOIP SDK Product page...

Enhanced Customer Support is now available!Enhanced Customer Support
LanScape is offering paid enhanced customer support! With enhanced support, you will gain many additional benefits over our limited free web based support.

For complete details, go to the "Contact us" page and request further information!

Contract Software Development Projects-We can help!

Are you in the midst of a difficult development project? Need additional software R+D muscle? We can help!

We can design and develop your soft phone, VOIP subsystems, codecs and any other VOIP applications you can imagine.

If you find yourself needing additional software development muscle, contact us to discuss your specific requirements. We have the capability to develop any type of software for Microsoft Windows operating systems. No project is too large or too small.

To review your project details, please send an email to our sales group or call us using your VOIP phone at the following SIP address:
sip:900@lanscapecorp.us.to :6000

Scalable Voice and Video Proxy Servers:
LanScape VOICE and VIDEO proxying solutions are now available for your VOIP domain!

You owe it to yourself to check out LanScape's SIP and RTP proxying server products.
Press Release...

VOIP Media Engine™ - Example Source Code:
Need to get up and running with your VOIP development effort quickly? The newest release of the LanScape VOIP Media Engine™ comes bundled with a host of C/C++ and managed code (C# and Vb) example software applications.

Voice over IP network telephony software reference designs.

Get off the ground quickly using any one of the example software reference designs. Chose among: Multi-line Conference Server, Dual Line IVR Server, Telephony Echo Server, Dual line multi-lined soft phone, or the single line soft phone. For further information, check out the LanScape VOIP Media Engine™ technology located on our "Products" page.

More to come...


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